This is a subject matter that I have repeatedly discussed at different points in time. I am deeply fascinated by this question because each time I ponder over it I get new insight. This question is also very relevant in our lives at any point in time because who we are determines our response to situation, the actions we take and impacts on our relationships.

This question is simple but very complex. Some of us don’t know who we are beyond our names. I was filling a form and it had these questions amongst others:

What is your name?
Who are you?
What motivates you?

When I got to the question who are you? I paused for a while then I decided to stop filling the form and return to it much later in the day . I am in a space where I am more intentional than I used to be. It’s so easy to write who I am but at that point in time I knew that I had evolved and I really had to be sure that I was properly representing myself.

Just yesterday I was watching a Christian movie “ Overcomers” and the young heroine was asked “ Who are you ?” She honestly answered “I don’t know?” She knew that beyond her name she really had little knowledge of who she was. When she got to the point where she knew and had a deep understanding of her identity, a lot shifted and she experienced a huge transformation in all aspects of her life. This applies to a lot of us. We are still struggling with the framing and understanding of our identity. For a lot of people this understanding is tied to the breakthrough you so desire.

We all do have multiple identities – sister, wife, mother etc but there is a core identity that shapes and impacts on the other identities and affects the way we represent ourselves, our values and our belief system.

I invite you today on this self discovery journey to truly give yourself the permission of knowing who you are . If you don’t know who you are, you won’t know how to be the best version of yourself. This means that you can’t maximize your full potentials.

This process of self discovery is not one off , you need to periodically do a self audit to ensure that you are in touch with your authentic self. It’s so easy to lose oneself when you are under pressure or facing uncertainty or even enjoying “success”.

I would encourage you to ponder on these questions “Who am I?” What’s my mission in life? What legacies do I want to leave behind? As you go about your activities for this week reflect on how you respond to people, pressures or decision making. Reflect on the relationships in your life and your value system. Take notes if can and then deeply reflect. Try to summarize who you are in a short paragraph reflecting your values, vision and purpose in life.

I wish you a productive new week.

I love and celebrate you.

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