It was a moment of joy as the Iyom Anyanwu Na Mulu Ora of the Onyesoh Royal Family of Nri Kingdom, Prof. Joy Onyesoh paid homage to Omu Anioma, Her Royal Majesty (HRM) Obi Martha Dunkwu, where she described the ancient Omu institution as awesome and unique to behold.

Iyom while addressing the Omu, had said that she visited purposely to present her book – Power Woman and to receive royal blessing from the Queen Mother.

She affirmed that she was fascinated by the aura and unique class of a woman she beheld years back when she first met the Omu.

“I decided to come to present my book ‘Power Woman’, produced from my personal and professional experiences on African Women Transformative Agency. I have listened to you speak in several fora and had researched a little about this institution and it speaks to the agency described in my book. I am enamoured by you as a beacon of light; indeed you are an embodiment of what an African  woman really should be –  transformative leader.

“You are a visible woman who is giving credence to what a woman should be in this century and a living testimony of the Power of a woman. Even in the Bible women were always called out when there were issues, and no wonder you have  remained a bold face in the midst of challenging leadership. It’s not a coincidence that this institution is powerful. You have exemplified true leadership and agency that should inspire women to greatness. 

“My goal  was to come, present my book and celebrate you for the woman you are. But I must say I am really blessed. I don’t take for granted anyone who is a spiritual leader; I am a Post Colonial Feminist who is in love with my Christian faith and respects the  African religion and tradition.

“I must confess that God directed me here, I didn’t come on my own volition. So I believe in mutually beneficial relationship; therefore, I and my team will do what we can to further promote this institution leveraging on the much you have done. Thank you for this warm welcome and the blessing that we have received from this throne”, Prof. Onyesoh excitedly posited.

The Omu Anioma was elated to have received such a high class Iyom of Nri Kingdom whom in her right  is a Professor of repute and she is also the  wife of Okpala Eze Nri Chukwuemeka Onyesoh.

Omu Dunkwu did not also hold back her usual flow as she gave out a load of the historical background of Omu institution, insisting that Anioma is so blessed to have such a throne of Omu with distinct functions that cannot be disputed.

She said that Nri remains the ancestral home of some of the communities in Anioma and so maintains a vital position in Anioma/Igbo relationship.

“I must tell you that I am proud of who you are and what you are doing globally. As beautiful as you are and married into a prominent royal family, you didn’t foreclose education. A professor is not a walk in the park. 

“This is what I have been preaching for decades, that the girl child must be educated, for a better society. When you educate a man, you educate an individual; but when you educate a woman, you educate a nation. A knowledgeable woman is a better human being.

“Some men who are educated are creating leadership challenges  in our country; but watch out the personality of women who are educated and see how bold and focused they are about change. It doesn’t matter that one is a man; biological identification at the point of birth identifies one as a male, it doesn’t transform such into a man.

“That is why most Igbo men will continue to complain of marginalisation, rather than take the bold step of changing things like their forebears did. You know my dear, the crying baby in Nigeria today is the Igbo person. In terms of wealth, hard work, commercial intelligence, closeness to God and others, the Igbo has them, but what is the problem.

“What has gone wrong? Lack of love, lack of affection, lack of tribal unity, lack of cooperative agenda and unwillingness to dare beyond the ordinary are some of the factors that have continued to hamper the leadership chances of the Igbos. The Igbo men need to speak in one voice and allow their economic power to be their bargaining tool in Nigeria’s politics.

“Once again, I say I am proud of you Prof. Joy Onyesoh. You exemplify the prototype woman of the 22nd century; educated, intelligent and daring”, Omu Dunkwu applauded her visitor.

It was awesome having Prof. Joy Onyesoh, the first black and African to head the oldest women’s peace organisation in the world. She is the  International President of the 105 years old organisation, the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF).

Also, the Founder of Joy Onyesoh Foundation. Prof. Joy Onyesoh is equally a  Breakthrough and Transformative Leadership Coach,  Publisher of Power Woman E-Magazine, an International best-selling author, a sought after international speaker, in addition to being an Online Host of the Talk Show ‘Friday Night Hangout’.

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