The Girl Who Dared to Dream

Your dreams provide the motivation and inspiration for you to create the life you desire. Dreaming is all about finding yourself, finding your goals and living a life that you design. If you have a dream then you need to fight for it. Everyone has a dream. Do not allow yours to die a premature death. I look forward to the many dreams that will come alive as a result of this inspired project “The Girl Who Dared to Dream”

The Official Trailer of “The Girl Who Dared to Dream” Documentary.

There are three components of this project :

1. Book club: This is to promote the culture of reading and socialization.

2. Outreach programs for girls: This is a quarterly empowerment program for girls to inspire them to Dream and take actions aligned with that dream.

3. Breakthrough Coaching Program: This is a three weeks coaching “Dare to Dream course focused on helping participants to build resilience, hone their decision making skills and solution driven actions, understand the importance of branding in manifesting their dreams, surfing through uncertainties and building social capital.

This also has a 3 day residential annual retreat.