This one thing multiplied my income in 2021.

A joyful welcome to the new year 2022, Our year of “Focus and Joy.
I’m grateful for another year to inspire and walk with you on this transformative journey.

Last year was one of my best years as I had multiple opportunities of leveraging on my strength to multiply my income. Do you know the one thing that helped me achieve this ? I would be sharing this with you . I can assure you that if you are intentional about practicing this strategy , you will find yourself eliminating distractions and breakingforth on all sides.

The truth is nothing impactful happens without focus. That’s my secret strategy – FOCUS!

Focus is the ability to stay on track even when challenges and uncertainties come your way. Hence my mantra ”Too focused to give up”. This keeps me going and helps in identifying my priorities so I don’t go after every good ball or overwhelm myself with unnecessary activities.

This year if you must experience limitless abundance and experience growth , you need to focus on what is important . You can do this by clearly setting your priorities and being non negotiable about your goals.

There are two books I am recommending for the month of January and they are :

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen . R . Covey .

Power Woman by Joy Onyesoh

Determine to go through the year with a great deal of focus on your goals. Prioritize your growth and you would see yourself smashing those goals.

There’s a lot of value packed content on our website ( including free and paid resources and courses and in this new year we are expanding, so there will be more. You can also expect weekly newsletter with inspiring solution driven content .

I encourage you to join the train of intentional women this year and take advantage of our various packages, we can all win together. I look forward to having you onboard and holding your hands through an exciting and impactful journey this year.

I love, honour and celebrate you

Prof. Joy Onyesoh
Breakthrough and Transformative Leadership Coach

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