Relevant simply means being important to the matter at hand. We are in a new normal where technology is key and a lot of businesses are going online. As a business owner or a startup how relevant are you in the online space which is now our new reality? Do you have the skill sets required to keep your business relevant in this new normal.

Statistics have shown that women are more disadvantaged technologically. How can we change this narrative? Are you willing to push yourself beyond your comfort zone to learn new skills required for your business?

It’s cheaper and more effective to position your business online because when you do, it becomes a global brand and you have unlimited possibilities.

A lot of learning are happening online. While Facebook and Instagram are very popular social media spaces. We need to learn how to optimize the full potentials these platforms offer and beyond. The virtual space offers an unlimited resources that we can tap from which are beyond the social media spaces.

A lot of new businesses are springing up and many more are repositioning to take advantage of this new normal. What are your plans? A side hustle won’t hurt you . Who knows it may become your main hustle.

I wish you a productive new week and I love and celebrate you.

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