On Saturday night , as my daughter scooted and I climbed the staircase to retire for the night, she got to a particular tricky spot for her and she did her adapted form of tumbling with so much expertise that got both of us laughing at the same time. We had our usual good night emotional hugs and we went in to sleep. As I lay on my bed, the spontaneous laughter that we shared kept ringing in my ears and her tumbling scene flashed through my mind. I couldn’t help but thank God from a very deep place of gratitude. Each day he takes us through situations and it looks simple . There was a time we had difficulties coming down and climbing up the stairs. Now, adaeze is almost completely independent. What was meant to break us has become one of our strengths. We have learnt to skillfully maneuver difficult terrains and we are pushing forward with a positive mindset.

As you go through your different endeavors today and this week , you will encounter different obstacles or barriers ; remain resolute and focused on your commitments to achieve all that you have set out to do this week. Remember you are more than enough to do all that you have envisioned .

If you haven’t set your goals for today or for the week, I’ll encourage you to do so. Set measurable goals with very concrete activities or actions that will help push you towards your goal. This is one of the ways of setting up systems that can help you grow. As you do your part diligently, God will blow His breathe upon your endeavors and it will come to life.

I wish you a blessed and productive week.





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