You need to understand your constraints before you can take inspired actions to meet your financial goals.

There are some factors that have influenced your relationship with money and this you have no control over. Reflect on your growing up , what was your family situation with money ? I remember as a young girl I was privileged to attend one of the best private schools in Lagos then – Grace Children School at Gbagada Lagos however during my 5th grade we had to relocate and this caused a change in my school.

My family’s financial situation took a dive and it stayed that way for a long while. My parents struggled to send me to higher institution . This has a profound impact on my relationship with money . I didn’t want to experience what my parents went through so I formed a habit of saving . I could save so much and not spend! It took a reality check and shift for me to approach my subconscious restrictions from a more positive perspective . I became more focused on seeing money as a tool for helping me serve my self and so many others.

I knew that I wanted to put smiles on peoples faces, so I knew that money was a necessary instrument that I need to accumulate and grow to enable me meet my life goal.

Now my gender also played a role in my relationship with money . Coming from an Igbo background where I have internalized that a woman needs to get married and have her husband fend for her and the family, I didn’t have much aspiration for money, I just wanted to have enough to get by. I found myself doing a lot of free and voluntary activities. I was uncomfortable discussing money and payments because I felt it was not humble and it sparked of greed. Mark you my spiritual upbringing played a critical role in my paradigm of money .

I had to intentionally, reflect and question my understandings and my purpose in life. It took very conscious actions and commitments to shift my paradigm. I don’t feel guilty discussing money issues now. Frankly, I know what fees I need to be paid for my services, I know what free services to offer and I have my purpose of earning, growing and investing my money. I always raise the bar higher on my earnings each year.

The money resources I have the more value I can bring into peoples lives . I know that I can have so much resources and still live a happy spiritual life. Because my God is the author and creator of all wealth and as a daughter of creator I deserve only the best and that includes the best of finances.

Releasing my financial restriction has enabled me to see opportunities for growing my resources and experiencing unlimited abundance.

I also had to learn how to give , invest and spend wisely! One of the habits of average thinkers is to spend more than you earn while a rich thinker spends below her income because she has grown and invested her money and has accumulated so much money and can afford to live a luxurious life without going above her means .

So the first step is to get yourself to the level where you earn and grow your finances then invest it so that you have multiple sources of income that constantly yields funds for you .

In conclusion today’s discussion is focused on you understanding your relationship with money and the factors that are holding you down from truly having a positive relationship with money .

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