A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. In living a purposeful life , you impact on others as you consistently expand your area of influence. In 2018, I took a bold step to start a group coaching program – She Speaks . It’s a safe space for women to learn and unlearn . We have amazing growth mindset coaches that help you stretch and take concrete actions towards achieving your life goals.

The first summit was tagged “ Power Woman “ little did I know that it would become a major brand product. Three years after hosting the first She Speaks summit, I have launched a Power Woman digital Magazine , Published a “ Power Woman” book , ready to launch two online courses in September ,under the Power Woman brand .

It’s been a journey, but an exciting and transformative journey . I am sharing this with you , to encourage and inspire you to take that first step that you need to birth your dream. No dream is too big for you ! I believe that God is the giver of dreams and He knows your full potentials. However, be willing to start small , fail forward and learn the lessons . This becomes building blocks for your success.

I am a serial entrepreneur, an angel investor and a breakthrough and transformative leadership coach. I help you build bridges between information and actions so that you can live a life of limitless possibilities and abundance.

As a personal and business growth influencer, I’ve had the privilege of holding the hands of many woman as they de- clutter and untangle themselves from limiting beliefs and barriers. I get to help women on a daily basis to move beyond their challenge, feel more confident and live life on their terms. I also inspire women to achieve remarkable results by teaching them how to identify needed change and to create a vision to guide the change. I am driven to work with passionate women who are willing to give themselves the permission to play full out . The real win for me is seeing the transformation that my clients achieve.

You have to first believe it before you can see it ! Power woman is about the limitless agency that you have and your capacity to achieve your full potential if only you are willing to give yourself that permission.

What’s holding you back ? What limitations are you experiencing ? I strongly believe that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. You only need to give yourself the permission to play full out !

Are you ready to embark on that transformative journey ? It’s important that you take action now !

I have a 30 Days Abundance Challenge that will help you all get set up to take your first step.

Click on this LINK for more information: https://joy-onyesoh.lpages.co/30-day-challenge-sales-page/

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