How are we all doing? I had to take a break to tidy up a number of projects. You may have seen that I recently released the E-version of my book Power Woman and we made best seller on Amazon! Yeahhh! I am so excited and I celebrate myself.

On Friday the 10th of July I will also be launching another brand product of Power Woman. It’s a digital magazine focused on personal and business development and also transformative leadership. I am super excited and I really feel powerful as a power woman. When you birth your dream into manifestation there is this inexplicable joy and excitement that takes over your whole being. This brings me to the story of the picture that I promised to share today . I haven’t forgotten my promise. I got this gift of love, customized and specially crafted by my daughter. She handed this over to me at exactly 12:03AM on the 22nd of June 2020 which was my birthday .

She started off by playing a special rendition of a audiovisual birthday song with pictures I had taken over a period of time with my nuclear family. Then she handed this gift of love and I broke down in tears. Over the years my daughter has showered me with so much love than I can imagine possible. She so much believes in me and in the efficacy of my prayers that when she has fractures she would say “mom please tell Jesus to take this pain away” and Jesus would hear and make the pain bearable. This has strengthened her faith in Christ and for this I am so grateful.

You may ask so what is it about this story? The lessons I want to share with you are:

1. Everyone has a gift. There is a talent that comes natural to you and if you don’t nurture and grow it intentionally it will die. Can you imagine the creativity my daughter put into making this gift of love? What is that talent or gift that you left idling away for a long time? Perhaps you may feel that it doesn’t put food on the table but I tell you today, when you serve others with your gift and from your heart it opens doors. A man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before kings ( Proverbs 18:16). You are designed to be known for your gift. I say this from a place of testimony.

2. Make or break? When I had my daughter I could only see darkness and hopelessness! I had so many angry and unanswered questions. Fast forward to today, she’s my “Why” the reason I do so much and all that I do because in nurturing her, I discovered my authentic self. It wasn’t a walk in the park! Far from it, I shed so many tears, I wailed, I went through bouts of depression and anger but I came out stronger! I am better positioned to serve women and my message is one of hope, hard-work and God’s unfailing faithfulness. I became made by what was meant to break me! I have this deep urge to dwell on this. You may be going through life changing situations one that you never planned for. Maybe the situation has taken all from you and I mean all! You smile but when you are alone you allow the emptiness and pain to take over you! My message today is for you .

Make or break? Yes you decide if you want to be broken and remain broken or if you want to push back! I am not saying it’s going to be easy but there is a way. I was reading this bible passage John 14:16 “I am the way the truth and the life..” and my eyes opened to another dimension of the Word. This simple sentence is so profoundly deep that if you have an understanding it is a game changer. I experienced it before I understood it. Now what do I mean my whole life perspective changed when I experienced Jesus as the way. You know how a dying man clutches are a straw while drowning? I clutched at Jesus because I was at the edge. I knew that I was drowning. I began to experience my truth in Christ. I found my identity and my voice. You can’t be in Christ without being a new creature. The light of Christ shone on everything around me and I began to see more clearly. I got my VISION, I wrote it down and I started running with it. Has it been easy? NO I’ve had times when I questioned my sanity however I was too focused to give up! I was willing to play full out. I invested in my personal and spiritual growth and so today I am giving out a fresh call for action. Find your truth and own your VISION and be willing to play full out no matter what!

3. Finally I will wrap up with this . You will always have something for someone. It’s a matter of mindset and faith. The Zerephath widow felt she had nothing to offer Elijah and was preparing to eat and die until she encountered a superior argument ( 1 Kings 17:7-16). Open up yourself to superior arguments and be willing to open up to giving. It opens up a different dimension of blessings. Don’t consistently put yourself in the position of receiving. There is a blessing that comes from blessing others. My daughter has an unusual grace for giving. She is in a position to make excuses because of her physical limitations but I see her put out herself to gift others either with her talent or her time or her possessions. She loves to put smiles on peoples faces . She is a consistent volunteer in all my foundation activities.

Don’t allow your temporary circumstances to limit you or steal your vision! Step out in faith today and open up to experiencing something new! I hope this blesses you in a very unique way.

I love and celebrate you .

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