When you look at the finished beautiful refined gold , you can hardly imagine how it looked in its raw form. Gold is not found on the surface just like most mineral resources , you need to dig deep to unearth it.

This is a gentle reminder that we need to look beyond the surface of people to find their unique talents and skill sets. Don’t be too quick to dismiss or judge people on face value.

Often times we carry around different baggages and this overshadows the gold we carry within . Sometimes it takes an encounter with one unique person to unleash all the potentials we have inside. We are all vessels of value , we only need to discover who we are and the strength we bring to the table. For some it’s a walk in the park for others it requires deep digging and support from loved ones or professionals.

Can you imagine how much value would have been lost if Jesus didn’t see the gold in Simon renamed Peter? Jesus made Peter the foundation of the church! Simon was perceived as a impulsive person so if he were to be assessed on his face value he would have been disqualified! Jesus saw the qualities he possessed beyond what others saw and yes Peter did become a strong pillar and the founder of the church.

This nugget is a call to action. Can we be more intentional in dealing with people? It is possible to be that one who is inspired to see the gold in another and commit to helping in birthing that manifestation or transformation.
In serving others many have found their life’s purpose and fulfillment.

If you’ve been struggling with yourself and perhaps you’ve given up on YOU, I want to remind you this morning that you are wonderfully and uniquely created so you are much more than gold. Life happens in time and seasons . Maybe this is your season to struggle to birth your dream and build your resilience so you can be a blessing to someone else . Don’t look down on any life season, it has its purpose.

I wish you all a blessed , reflective and productive day.

I love and celebrate you ! TGIF




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