The grass always looks greener on the other side. It takes grace, focus , commitment and passion for you to remain steadfast on your lane. You may fall into the temptation of comparing your journey with that of another . My dear, please snap out of it . We all carry different burdens and some of us have perfected the art of carrying the baggage with grace.

Focus on doing you, set your goals and work towards achieving them and most importantly please enjoy your journey.

The only limitation you have is YOU!! Stop sabotaging yourself and simply give yourself the permission to be all that you can be. These are not empty words, they are power filled words. You have so much power and agency , unleash it and see how much you will achieve.

When people give up on you or mock you please don’t give up on yourself . Celebrate yourself for being you.

There are different types of investments that yield returns , don’t joke with investing in your personal and business growth. You need to be willing to invest your hard earned funds to develop yourself or your business. It pays off , the yield is more than you can quantify.

I do not believe in coincidental success ! It’s not sustainable. There has to be an investment of time, money and other resources.

Patience is a virtue , give yourself time to understand , apply, fail , learn and expand. For every success there is a story behind it.

Wisdom is profitable to those who seek it.

I love and celebrate you !!!

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