Friday Night Hangout

...... Friday Night Hangout with Joy Onyesoh - A compilation of personal and business development information.

Friday Night Hangout was created as a space for personal and business development while having fun.
The FNH show has built a tribe of women who would always show up every Friday at 7pm to celebrate their wins and to network . Just recently on the 10th of June 2022, we celebrated the 100th episode and second year anniversary of Friday Night Hangout .

I am delighted to bring to you a compilation of our conversations in a 359 page book format. The book is structured into six chapters.

CHAPTER 1: Celebrating Possibilities

CHAPTER 2: Women Entrepreneurs

CHAPTER 3: Relationships

CHAPTER 4: Health and Wellness

CHAPTER 5: Fashion and Entertainment

CHAPTER 6: Wrapping up a Season in Celebration

You can get a copy for yourself or as a gift to a loved one for just N10,000.