I remember some years back; I felt that I was stuck at a point and I wasn’t growing the way I desired. I had this earnest desire to help women discover their purpose and to live a life of limitless possibilities. However, every plan I made to get me started off was in the wrong direction, or so it seemed. I got to a point of frustration as I felt I was investing a lot of energy and time. At some point confusion set in, as I couldn’t actually pinpoint the right path to follow.

I knew deep inside of me that my life experiences and professional qualification positioned me to be of service to women who were going through life struggles, self -doubt, and low self-esteem. One day during my morning devotion, while reading Job 22:28 NIV “ Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee; and light shall shine upon thy ways.” The words literally jumped at me. I felt this surge of excitement knowing that the first thing I need to do is to decree what I want. I needed to make a pronouncement.

It was important that I had a vivid life vision and clarity of ways that I could be of service to humanity, which was my earnest desire. I instantly knew that if I could do this, it meant that my Father would establish it and I only have to trust Him to do what He has promised. This was an enormous mindset shift.

I started perceiving my challenges with a new mindset. I knew that I had to stop trying too hard, so much so that I boxed myself into a corner. It was important that I step back and view my situation or challenges from a wider perspective, armed with the infallible promises of God to establish all that I shall decree. The difference now is that I struggle less, because I’m beginning to let go and allow God to lead me to the right path. I finally realized that it’s how I perceive the situation that makes me “feel stuck”.

Excerpts from Power Woman book.


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