You need to be intentional in your thoughts and actions. To experience abundance , it’s important that you understand that there are no coincidences in life. To create the future or life of your dream involves you strategically positioning yourself by developing your life in different areas .

Be Consistent : you can’t afford to blow hot and cold or go lukewarm . You need to be committed to your goal and keep taking daily actions no matter how small.

Be Passionate: your purpose ignites your passion. Your passion is the fuel that keeps you burning and pushing in the right direction. You achieve your peak performance by being passionate about your goals.

Develop Spiritual Awareness : this is a fundamental aspect of your abundance pathway . You need to come to a place of conscious spirituality , which involves your intuition and lifting your understanding to a higher level. It involves so much more than your religion or doctrine . It’s building a personal relationship with God that tunes your body senses to seeing opportunities and reflectively understanding what needs to be done . Then the how comes along as you take steps of faith and courage .

Be Creative: Creativity involves having an open mind and seeing solutions in every challenge. You are able to see hidden opportunities.

Be willing to go above the average : Abundance involves pushing the boundaries and this involves commitment to do positive things to achieve your expected outcome.

Move out of your comfort zones: you need to be willing to expand your space of influence and this requires you to step outside your comfort zone into the unknown and challenging terrain. It requires you to be focused on conquering new frontiers, raising the bar and not being afraid to take calculated risks.

Fail forward : You are not afraid of failing because you know that failure is a stepping stone to success. You learn the lessons and move on to improve your strategy and actions. This gives you greater conviction and clarity on how to move forward .

Knowing your highest values : your value system is an important aspect of your life of abundance . Be willing to dig deep enough to understand your priorities and values and be committed to making life decisions based on these values even if they are unpopular. You need to have a high standard of integrity , commitment to relationships and quality output just to mention a few .

Finally , you need to be committed to increasing your income while keeping your spending in view. You can’t afford to be carefree in this area and you can’t afford to spend more than you earn. You need to be committed to increasing and investing your earnings . This is really very integral to abundance . I know it can be a challenge because I have gone through it . But I tell you today , once you are committed to growing and investing your income and you remain non negotiable about it , you will start seeing opportunities that you can harvest.

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  1. “coming to a place of conscious spirituality. It is no longer about my religion or doctrine but my personal relationship with God”
    I concur 101%

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