It’s difficult to stay focused and strong when you are buffeted on all sides by the storms of life. Especially when you are struggling for survival. Few things will make meaning and all you desperately desire at that point is just a breathe of fresh air from all the struggles. It’s almost impossible to think about the future because the present is a huge struggle. I understand the feelings because I’ve traveled down that road so many times over! So know this you are not alone!

Even the apostle Peter with all the miracles he had seen Jesus perform still felt fear! When he requested to walk on water towards Jesus and he was asked to take the walk of faith, he actually did and at some point he lost focus and could only see the storm and darkness all around him. He could hear the angry howling of the wind and he couldn’t see Christ Jesus standing right there. Slowly he started to sink, he found himself sliding slowly but consistently downwards and he couldn’t help but scream out “Lord Jesus save me”!

I am encouraging you today not to be afraid but to keep holding on, despite the howls of the angry winds and and storm all around you. You can ride out that storm if you focus on Jesus. He will stretch out his hands for you to hold on to and though you may be buffeted on all sides you will not drown. Your survival story becomes your gift to inspire and help some other person going through similar situation. You become a testimony of the possibilities that exist even in the dark tunnel.

Life happens to everyone so don’t be afraid! You have all that it takes to overcome that situation. It starts from your mind and you can build the energy and resilience requires to move past that situation.

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