FEE: $1200

This is a mix of personal development, leadership and business development course focused on women in leadership, women in business, women entrepreneurs, career and professional women, who safe unique barriers, from feeling inadequate, lack of confidence, overwhelmed by life’s changing painful situations and are willing to take risks and create opportunities for a life that is purpose driven and of limitless abundance.

As a woman in business for close to twenty years, I understand the pain, barriers and frustration that comes with women who decide to stand out from the crowd. I’ve gone through the process of building my business and developing my personal and professional skill sets so I know first-hand what it takes to surmount battles, launch out and soar. I’ve coached and trained women internationally and at different levels and I’ve experienced first-hand the difference a gender sensitive coaching brings to the table.

This course focuses on helping women unleash the power within to create transformations and increase their circle of influence. It has five key elements – Emotional intelligence, passion and peak performance, transformative leadership, diversity, inclusion, communication and networking. The main target audience for this product are career women, women leaders, professional women, entrepreneurs and business women. 

DAT is a 12 weeks program that aims to give clarity on values, belief systems, change mindsets, attitudes, discover authentic voice and dig deep into re-framing of identity, co-creating solutions to issues women in business, career, leadership, and female entrepreneurs struggle with today.

This is specially created opportunity for women to break limiting barriers, achieve peak performance and evolve intoo the best version of themselves. This program also helps women evaluate their growth using assessment tools.

DAT course consists of five parts training module and reflections exercises delivered in 6 live Coaching Sessions and 12 Weeks Training Module


Deals with personality, mindsets, attitudes, beliefs and values.


Discovering your authentic voice, identity shift, gaining clarity, creating value, setting and achieving goals.

Part 3

Deals on emotional mastery, communication and branding.


Business systems, hiring and team management, time management and developing action plans. 


Deals on entrepreneurship, diversity and inclusion. 

This is a unique opportunity for women to truly share, network and grow. This course helps you to create an actionable road map for their success.


This will be achieved through, interactive stimulation, hands on exercises and deep reflections. Participants will learn what it means to increase their circle of influence and to live a life of limitless possibilities, through the mastering of 6 key concepts.


This course will help participants:

     Transform their mindset and position themselves to effectively break through any personal or business barriers.

     Maximize their growth and unlock their full potentials

     Have and understand the right tools to maximize their effectiveness.

     Develop their personalized success road map.

     Develop customized systems for their business and personal brands. 

     Be a part of a supportive network

   Live access to training modules.