Who is an entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is one who takes the risk to create a business or businesses. Primarily an entrepreneur is involved in trading on goods or services. There are different characteristics that a entrepreneur should have however today I want to focus on “credibility”. In this time and age when a lot is fast paced, it becomes a motivation for some to cut corners to achieve an assumed result. This is where building credibility as a valuable currency becomes very important. Building a brand takes a lot of hard work, resilience, focus and deep rooted clarity.

As an entrepreneur adding value by way of your goods or services is key to your growth. Be genuine! These days most people are claiming to be what they are not! You know your products/services better than anyone else be genuine about what you bring to the table. Marketing your products or services shouldn’t be about lying rather focus on your strong areas while working on improving your weak areas.

Consistency as an entrepreneur builds your credibility. Build a high standard of operation. Your credibility has to be based on something concrete that people or your clients can identify with. It can be your hard work, your commitment to your clients or the way you go all out in ensuring that your product adds value. This entails that you are grounded in what you do. Whatever endeavor you are engaged in, take your time to ensure that you have a good understanding of what you are doing. If you don’t it becomes difficult to grow or to build loyal brand followers or clients. As a rule, I need to be convinced about what I offer before making an offering to a client. This means that as a coach, I take my time to design my products and define the value I bring to the table, the path of transformation that my client will experience. Then I ensure that I bring a fusion of both lived and professional experience into my work to the benefit of my client.

A satisfied client is a happy and repeat client. Finally in all, remain humble. No matter how successful you are or how talented you may be, arrogance is a destroyer of credibility.

I’ll love to get your feedback on ways you build credibility in your business as an entrepreneur.

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