When you look at the finished beautiful refined gold , you can hardly imagine how it looked in its raw form. Gold is not found on the surface just like most mineral resources , you need to dig deep to unearth it. […]
On Saturday night , as my daughter scooted and I climbed the staircase to retire for the night, she got to a particular tricky spot for her and she did her adapted form of tumbling with so much expertise that got both […]
Who is an entrepreneur? An entrepreneur is one who takes the risk to create a business or businesses. Primarily an entrepreneur is involved in trading on goods or services. There are different characteristics that a entrepreneur should have however today I want […]
How are we all doing? I had to take a break to tidy up a number of projects. You may have seen that I recently released the E-version of my book Power Woman and we made best seller on Amazon! Yeahhh! I […]
Relevant simply means being important to the matter at hand. We are in a new normal where technology is key and a lot of businesses are going online. As a business owner or a startup how relevant are you in the online […]
This is a subject matter that I have repeatedly discussed at different points in time. I am deeply fascinated by this question because each time I ponder over it I get new insight. This question is also very relevant in our lives […]
You need to be intentional in your thoughts and actions. To experience abundance , it’s important that you understand that there are no coincidences in life. To create the future or life of your dream involves you strategically positioning yourself by developing […]
This involves building your focus muscle and keeping your eyes on the big picture. You need to set parameters and expectations for yourself in achieving your set goals . Your goals should not be an option; they should be an obligation you […]
If you walk into a room and you are asked to introduce yourself in five minutes . Beyond your name , who would you say that you are? This question calls for a deep reflection and speaks to a heightened self awareness. […]
Fears are normal human emotions created by our imagination to make reality seem scarier than it is. Learning to deal with fear is all about putting your negative thought in perspective. We tend to focus too much on the negative, so by […]