It was a moment of joy as the Iyom Anyanwu Na Mulu Ora of the Onyesoh Royal Family of Nri Kingdom, Prof. Joy Onyesoh paid homage to Omu Anioma, Her Royal Majesty (HRM) Obi Martha Dunkwu, where she described the ancient Omu […]
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. In living a purposeful life , you impact on others as you consistently expand your area of influence. In 2018, I took a bold step to start a group coaching program – […]
One of the gifts we have been blessed with is that of making choices. This is the act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities.Sometimes it’s difficult to exercise this action for several reasons ; may […]
I remember some years back; I felt that I was stuck at a point and I wasn’t growing the way I desired. I had this earnest desire to help women discover their purpose and to live a life of limitless possibilities. However, […]
It’s difficult to stay focused and strong when you are buffeted on all sides by the storms of life. Especially when you are struggling for survival. Few things will make meaning and all you desperately desire at that point is just a […]
My daughter Adaeze, had a hair cut because we found it difficult to manage making her hair. She didn’t want the long hours of styling or plaiting and would rather have her peace. Recently she found out that everything that has advantages […]
The grass always looks greener on the other side. It takes grace, focus , commitment and passion for you to remain steadfast on your lane. You may fall into the temptation of comparing your journey with that of another . My dear, […]
If you have stepped into your light and started your journey of living your purpose then my question above is very significant. This is one question most of us are not intentional in addressing. I’ll rephrase and ask “ Who walks into […]
When you look at the finished beautiful refined gold , you can hardly imagine how it looked in its raw form. Gold is not found on the surface just like most mineral resources , you need to dig deep to unearth it. […]
On Saturday night , as my daughter scooted and I climbed the staircase to retire for the night, she got to a particular tricky spot for her and she did her adapted form of tumbling with so much expertise that got both […]