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In the last seven years, I have used the insights gained from my personal journey and my professional experience to coach women in personal and business development. The testimonials and feedbacks have been rewarding. Here are some testimonials that would inspire you on your journey:


Prof. Joy Onyesoh is a transformative leadership coach who brings a fresh and insightful approach to her coaching. Her ability to assess situations quickly, offer concrete tools, processes and plans of action to enable successful growth, change and resilience is exceptional. Her techniques allow your strengths to be realised, your journey to be appreciated and a greater sense of purpose to be obtained. She is extremely personable and able to connect with her clients quickly and begin work with them at whatever stage they’re in at the time. I highly recommend Prof. Joy. She is a complete package: focused, reflective, practical, productive and supportive.


PhoenixRize Consulting

Joy Ada Onyesoh is a mentor, an inspiration, a helping hand, a peaceful activist, a transformative leader. She has really brought so much joy to many lives including mine and I bless God for the day our path crossed. She is a typical example that women can still interrelate with each other.

chinelo enukora

Joy is a loving and selfless person. She puts the needs of others first. She has been a blessing to me; giving me support when I needed it.  She has so much capacity in her which she is willing to share with others.

mariam kadiri

I call her priceless, and words  fail me to describe her enough. In times when I am at my lowest meeting, her words were the notch I needed. She mentored me to be the woman I am today.

magdalene igbazua

Your dreams provide the motivation and inspiration for you to create the life you desire. The vision of the dared to dream breakthrough coaching program is to inspire women to find their authentic self, build a growth mindset that is focused on understanding their life purpose, building resilience and living a life that they design.

Results from Dare to Dream Coaching Program

Dare to Dream Coaching program succeeded in helping me smash the goal of self-development I set for myself this year in the most valuable and amazing way. I couldn’t have been more fulfilled.

I proudly recommend this value-packed Dare to Dream program coaching to anyone who desires growth and change in the right direction. This coaching program gave me the opportunity to, learn, unlearn and relearn in a most conducive, friendly, and interactive setting, especially the one-on-one session with Prof. I was able to unbox my concerns and my inefficiencies and replace them with more impactful values, that brought out a better version of me. This is an unarguably one-stop program that connects and stimulates change in different facets and contexts of life.

30 days abundance challenge

This is a 30 days step-by-step process to set every aspect of your life on fire again, re-igniting your passion and re-energizing you to overcome the barriers that hold you back in life. You will learn and immediately start applying strategies that would lift you from limited perspectives to one of abundance and limitless possibilities.


The Power Woman Forum is a kingdom minded membership platform for women who are interested in networking, gaining relevant, timely and actionable information on personal and business development.

PWF is a space for women who are passionate about sharing their expertise, learning and unlearning and most importantly, it is a safe space where we honour and support women.

Testimonials from Members of PWF

The one-year journey with Power Woman Forum in 2021 was one that drummed focus into my consciousness.

The word; focus became alive in my present Endeavour as a Student and the results are heartwarming.

I precisely had a conversation with myself and what may break my focus, and shoved it by the corner without feeling any remorse. I’m soaring!

I love the fact that the spiritual aspect of our faith in Jesus was reflective in the journey.

Also, I am thankful for the Health insurance, which I benefited from. I had never seen it done like that before.

Finally, the team spirit shared by the tribe is heart-warming.

Long live Power Woman Forum.

Ezinne Aninwe

Compere, Head of News 92.5 Dream Fm

The information, resources, and skills equipped with, at the Power Woman Forum has greatly helped me achieve my goals in business and my personal life and I would say that PWF is an immediate return of investment. The masterclasses have inspired me to grow, develop and be significantly more deliberate about becoming the best version of myself.

I will recommend the power woman forum for women out there who are willing and ready to conquer their fears and play full out in their personal lives, businesses, and career.

Thank you so much Dr. Joy Onyesoh for providing us at the forum with outstanding topics and grounded information.

So thankful for your support and making me realize that I am the Master of my Destiny.

I am also glad to have connected to all the amazing women in the forum. You all are Phenomenal.

Power Woman Forum is indeed an amazing and safe space to be irrespective of status, background and religion.

Chinelo Bridget Enukora

CEO Deskam Fab Collectibles Enterprise


Your dreams provide the motivation and inspiration for you to create the life you desire. The vision of the girl who dared to dream is to inspire women to find their authentic self, build a growth mindset that is focused on understanding their life purpose, building resilience and living a life that they design.


She Speaks is an inspirational and motivational program which creates an inclusive safe space to inspire the expressions of multiple voices and realities. There are three projects under this program: She Speaks Summit, She Speaks Masterclass and She Speaks Radio.


What people say about FNH

Heeeyyyy! I have a whole lot to talk about the Friday Night Hangout with our dear Prof. Ever since I joined this tribe, my life has not been the same.  have learnt among other things to focus no matter the situation. I have also learnt never to give up in the face of challenges. In business nko, it is woah!!! In fact, God has used Prof. Joy and other coaches to change my mindset about this life generally and I must confess that I am happy to be a member of this tribe. Thank you.

Royalitte beddins

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