Prof. Joy Onyesoh is a Breakthrough and Transformative Leadership Coach. She is also a mom of three amazing teenagers.

Her mission is to serve passionate women who are willing to unlock their potentials for growth, build confidence in the face of uncertainty and are desirous to experience a life of unlimited abundance.



In the last five years, I have used the insights gained from my personal journey and my professional experience to coach women in personal and business development. The testimonials and feedbacks have been rewarding. Here are some testimonials that would inspire you on your journey:

Joy Ada Onyesoh is a mentor, an inspiration, a helping hand, a peaceful activist, a trans-formative leader. She has really brought so much joy to many lives including mine and I bless God for the day our path crossed. She is a typical example  that women can still interrelate with each other.

chinelo enukora

Joy is a loving and selfless person. She puts the needs of others first. She has been a blessing to me; giving me support when I needed it.  She has so much capacity in her which she is willing to share with others.

mariam kadiri

I call her priceless, and words  fail me to describe her enough. In times when I am at my lowest meeting, her words were the notch I needed. She mentored me to be the woman I am today.

magdalene igbazua
30 days abundance challenge

This is a 30 days step-by-step process to set every aspect of your life on fire again, re-igniting your passion and re-energizing you to overcome the barriers that hold you back in life. You will learn and immediately start applying strategies that would lift you from limited perspectives to one of abundance and limitless possibilities.


She Speaks is an inspirational and motivational program which creates an inclusive safe space to inspire the expressions of multiple voices and realities. There are three projects under this program: She Speaks Summit, She Speaks Masterclass and She Speaks Radio.


Ideas, insights and stories that transforms you.

It was a moment of joy as the Iyom Anyanwu Na Mulu Ora of the Onyesoh Royal Family of Nri Kingdom, Prof. Joy Onyesoh paid homage to Omu Anioma, Her Royal Majesty (HRM) Obi Martha Dunkwu, where she described the ancient Omu […]
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. In living a purposeful life , you impact on others as you consistently expand your area of influence. In 2018, I took a bold step to start a group coaching program – […]
One of the gifts we have been blessed with is that of making choices. This is the act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities.Sometimes it’s difficult to exercise this action for several reasons ; may […]

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